Step by step How to apply nail polish

1. Begin by cleaning your nails with a nail polish remover or alcohol and buff them with a nail file to remove any dirt, oils, or unevenness.http://Step by step How to apply nail polish

2. Apply a base coat of clear or light-colored polish to help protect the nails from staining and prevent chipping.

3. Squeeze out some nail polish onto the middle of your fingernail and use the brush to spread it out evenly in one direction from the base of your nail towards the tip, being careful not to let the bristles touch the cuticles or skin around your nails. Make sure you do this for all 10 fingers before adding another coat of color.

4. Add a second layer of color once the first layer has dried, again starting from the center and spreading outward in one direction with steady strokes towards each side. Be careful not to let too much accumulate on the edges, as it will be harder to get off later if it’s thicker in that area than other parts of your nails.

5. Once both coats are dry, use an extra-fine tipped brush dipped into some rubbing alcohol or pure acetone (depending on what type of top coat you will be using) and carefully outline each nail bed to help smooth out any uneven edges and seal in color. If desired, you can also add some small embellishments at this time using either liquid eyeliner or glitter paint mixed with clear acrylic powder

6. Allow your newly painted nails about 15 minutes for drying before applying a top coat for extra shine and protection against chips. When applying a top coat, try doing it in thin layers so that air bubbles don’t form between coats which will ruin your finished look!


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