Protecting your Hair from Rainy Weather

The rainy season is upon us and the effects of this wet weather can take a toll on our hair. But, if you want to keep your tresses looking their best, it’s important to pay extra attention to your hair during these damp days. http://Protecting your Hair from Rainy Weather

Here are some tips for keeping your hair healthy and stylish during the rainiest of seasons.

Good Hair Care Routine

Taking care of your hair starts with an effective routine. Use gentle products designed for use on damp hair and make sure you use conditioner after every wash. Also, look for styling products that are free of alcohol, as these can dry out your hair and scalp. Finally, don’t forget to add some protection to your tresses by using leave-in conditioners or serum that adds shine while protecting against humidity.

Avoid Too Much Heat Styling

As tempting as it may be to turn up the heat on those wet days, resist the urge! All that moisture in the air already means your hair will likely frizz or curl more than usual and adding heat only amplifies that effect – so stick with air drying instead or just a little bit of blow-drying to get the desired shape.

Use Quality Hairbrush

This one is particularly important if you have longer or thicker hair – a quality brush is key! The right kind of bristles will help you manage wet strands more effectively without causing breakage or split ends due to too much friction on wet strands. Look for brushes made from natural materials like wood or boar bristle for optimal results.

Keep Your Scalp Clean & Dry

As mentioned earlier, too much moisture in the air can lead to build up on the scalp which then leads to dandruff or other issues like oily roots and even itchy scalps – not exactly what we want when we’re trying to stay looking polished during a rainstorm! Be sure to keep your scalp clean by regularly shampooing (use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks) and towel dry well after showering – try wearing a hat indoors too if necessary!


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