The fair skin of a woman is the yardstick for her beauty. Despite having a dark complexion, a woman with healthy, smooth, and shining skin is wonderfully attractive.http://MAKE-UP FOR A DARK SKIN

A dark woman’s beauty is enhanced with appropriate make-up and clothing.Apply a liquid foundation liner before applying makeup.Best Way To cover Acne With Makeup

Because dark skin tends to shine, choose a darker shade of foundation to cover up the unpleasant glow.With a lighter foundation shade, the face seems uneven.

To achieve the desired shade, add distilled water.

Almond-brown mascara and light-colored eyeshadows are appropriate.

Make-up can be an incredible tool for accentuating the natural beauty of dark skin. It is important to understand your specific skin tone and choose makeup accordingly, to avoid the dreaded cakey and/or ashy finish.

Start by finding the right foundation that matches your exact skin color. Also, pick up a concealer a shade or two lighter for brighter eyes and full coverage on blemishes.Next, highlight with a bronze-y or warm tone.

Pick up an eyeshadow in shades of brown, black or other deeper hues that complement your skin tone, instead of the lighter shades that would create a drastic difference. Also, adding color and accentuation to your eyes can really brighten up the face and lift your features.

Try colored eyeliner or mascara to achieve this effect.Finally, set everything with a face powder to avoid greasiness and keep it all intact. Avoid chalky blushes and powders as they would look too obvious. Instead, use blush in hues of coral and orange to add a healthy and fresh glow.

Additionally, complete the look with a matte lipstick in dark berry or other deep tones to provide a fuller effect and stay away from ashy and dull finish.


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