Regular hair trimming is an essential part of having healthy, strong hair that looks its best. Regular trimming helps remove split ends, create shape, get rid of excess bulk and make the hair more manageable. For those who have a difficult time managing their locks, it is highly beneficial to get a hair trim at least every two months.http://WHY SHOULD I TRIM MY HAIR

Benefits of Regular Hair Trimming

1. Reduced Damage: Hair trimming removes the dry and damaged hair, resulting in fewer split ends. A lot of people also experience less breakage with regular trims, which leads to healthier looking locks overall.Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin

2. Makes Hair Look Healthy:

Hair trimming adds life and luster to the hair. Even though cutting the ends of your hair makes it shorter, the hair strands are thicker and healthier, so they don’t look as damaged and stringy.

3. Allows Hair Growth:

If you’ve been struggling to get your hair to grow past a certain length, regular trims may be what’s preventing it. Without trims, the damaged hair at the end will be constantly breaking and prevent any real length from growing. Regular trims also create an even, shapely appearance and get rid of split ends which prevent hair growth.

4. More Manageable Hair:

Even with regular shampooing and conditioning, many people find it difficult to style and maintain their hair. Hair trimming reduces the bulk and keeps the locks manageable.

Disadvantages of Hair Trimming

1. Difficult to Change Hair Style:

People who frequently trim their hair find it more difficult to experiment with new hairstyles and looks as their hair length won’t grow beyond a certain point. They also may experience some difficulty if they are trying to transition from a short to long look or vice versa.

2. Costly:

Regular hair trims can become expensive and not everyone can afford the price of getting them done regularly. People with thick, long hair might need to pay more due to the extra work required.

3. Frequent Visits:

For people who opt for frequent trims, they need to set aside the time to go for hair cuts on a regular basis. This can become a hassle for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

4. Wrong Trim:

Many people have gone for hair trims expecting one result only to walk out of the salon with a totally different look. It is easy for someone inexperienced in cutting hair to take off more hair than they should, or shape the hair differently than intended.


Overall, the benefits of regular hair trimming far outweigh the disadvantages. It allows hair to grow, looks healthier and can make hair more manageable. As long as someone is willing to make the commitment to frequent salon visits and manage the cost, trimming hair is a great option for healthy hair and an improved look.

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