Nail cutting style

First, select a pair of scissors or clippers that fit comfortably in your hand and are sharp enough to cut the nail without dragging. Then, wash and dry your hands.http://Nail cutting style

To start, trim your nails in a gentle arc following the curve of your fingertip.

Be careful not to go too far as to risk ingrown toenails. Follow the natural line of your fingernail and don’t trim down into the quick (where the nerves and vessels are located) as it will be uncomfortable.

Once you have cut your fingernails in a curved line, it’s time to use the corner of the scissors to remove any ragged or long bits of nail that stick out.

The file will give your nails a smooth and rounded edge, which looks much more attractive.

To finish the process, apply a nail conditioner or cream to moisturize and protect the nail from becoming brittle and weak. This is a great way to keep nails healthy and strong.In conclusion, cutting your nails is an important part of maintaining personal hygiene.

Make sure to select a good pair of scissors or clippers and follow the natural curve of your nails. After trimming them, use a file to achieve a smooth and rounded edge, then finish by applying a moisturizing and conditioning product to protect your nails.


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