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Hair style is an important part of a wedding and the perfect hairdo can add an extra element of beauty to the bridal look. Every bride has their own personal preference when it comes to hairstyle and how it complements their gown and accessories.

For a timeless wedding look, classic, simple, elegant and romantic styles tend to be the popular choice for most brides. Classic styles can include French twists, buns, or curls, often adorned with hair accessories such as pins, headpieces, clips or veils.

A loose, romantic curl is one of the most versatile hairstyles for a wedding. For an effortless look, some brides choose to have their hair loosely swept to one side with minimal fuss and intricate braids.

Soft braids with volume can provide a timeless and delicate feel, and when accessorized with tiaras or crystal accents can look beautiful.For more daring looks, braided buns can be accessorized with feathers, shells or flowers to create a fun, beach-ready look.

Brides with medium to long hair can also create braids, curls and wavy locks. Another timeless style is a top knot, with pieces falling freely to the sides and the remaining hair in a bun at the back or on the top of the head.

Whatever the length, most styles require that the hair is blow-dried, curled, straightened and volumized with setting products such as mousses and hairsprays. This ensures that the hair style looks as beautiful throughout the entire wedding as it did when the bride first started getting ready.

In addition, special clips or bands can be added to the hair for a more elegant look. A skilled stylist should be able to create the perfect hairstyle for any bride to make sure she looks beautiful and glamorous on her special day.

Many brides consult with their hair stylist months in advance of the big day to ensure they achieve the look they want. Whether the chosen style is traditional or more daring, an exquisite hair style can add the perfect touch to a bride’s big day.


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