The Right Way To Use A Beauty Blender

1. Start by cleaning your beauty blender and dampening it. Make sure you use a gentle soap and rinse off the beauty blender completely with lukewarm water.http://The Right Way To Use A Beauty Blender

2. After rinsing, use a towel to remove the excess water and press lightly to pat the beauty blender dry.

3. Use your foundation and dot it around your face. Dot it evenly and lightly around the eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin.

4. Then, use your beauty blender to dab the foundation onto the skin. You can start by using a gentle stippling motion with your beauty blender to spread the foundation and help it to blend in better with your skin.

5. Be sure to use small circular movements and don’t forget to dab the foundation around the creases of the eyes and lips as well.

6. Continue stippling with the beauty blender around your nose and chin until you have the desired coverage you are looking for.

7. If you need more coverage in some areas, simply repeat steps 4 to 6 until the foundation is even and consistent all over the face.

8. Once the foundation has been applied, you can use your beauty blender to lightly blend in any powder or cream based makeup product.

9. Once finished, clean your beauty blender with a gentle soap and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat the beauty blender dry and it’s ready to use again.

10. Make sure you clean and care for your beauty blender after every use.


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