12 hair style for girls in winter

1. Messy bun

The perfect hairstyle for a casual outing, this low-effort look is sure to keep your hair off of your neck while still being fashionable and warm.http://12 hair style for girls in winter

2. Twisted updo

A great way to make a statement in winter weather, the twisted updo is a great choice if you are looking for something fancy and comfortable.How to clear my face up faster

3. Top knot

Another easy hairstyle, the top knot will look effortless while still providing extra warmth when the temperatures drop.

4. Half up, half down style

An excellent choice for colder days, this style looks great with just about any outfit and adds an extra layer of warmth around the ears and nape of the neck.

5. Braided headband

An adorable hairstyle, this look offers additional insulation as well as an updated twist on classic ponytails and buns.

6. Head wrap

Not only does this hairstyle provide extra protection against the elements but also provides an edgy fashion statement during colder months!

7. Double Dutch braid

Show off your skills by incorporating two Dutch braids into one look – perfect for any winter party or special occasion.

8. Space buns

The most fun way to stay warm in winter! This double bun style looks best with a cozy knit cap over it – making sure that all ears stay covered!

9. Fishtail braid

Great for adding a romantic flair to cold weather ensembles, fishtail braids can easily be accessorized with ribbons or beads for an added touch of personality!

10. Chunky low ponytail

When running errands or going out with friends, this stylish yet comfortable low ponytail is ideal when battling frigid temperatures outside!

11. Wavy lob

The modern way to wear shoulder length locks during cooler seasons, the wavy lob will add texture to any look while keeping your head warm at the same time!

12. High bun

An easy go-to winter style, simply secure hair into a high bun – ensuring that both ears are completely covered and warm!

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