How to deal with greasy hair

Dealing with greasy hair can be a real challenge. Oily and greasy hair looks and feels heavy, dull, and dirty. Many people struggle to find the right products or techniques to manage their oily locks, but with a few simple steps, you can have your hair looking and feeling clean in no time.http://How to deal with greasy hair

Here are 5 easy tips for dealing with greasy hair

1. Avoid Washing Too Often

When you over-wash your hair, you strip away the natural oils from your scalp which then overcompensates by producing more oil in order to balance things out. It’s best to avoid washing every day and opt for washing every other day or even every third day if possible. How to remove black spots caused by acne

2. Use the Right Products

The type of products that you use on your hair can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing grease. Look for products that are labeled “oil-free” or “lightweight” since these will help keep your scalp balanced without weighing down your hair. If you color treat your hair, try using shampoos specifically made for colored-treated locks so they don’t dry out and become overly oily in the process.

3. Pre-treat Greasy Areas

Before shampooing, you can apply an astringent solution (like lemon juice) onto oily areas such as the roots and forehead to absorb some of the excess oil from the scalp before washing it away with shampoo. This will help remove some of the extra dirt and oil without having to over-shampoo the rest of your locks which can cause further damage.

4. Shampoo Twice

In order to really get rid of any excess dirt and oil on your scalp, you should be sure to lather up twice each time that you wash it—once at the beginning and again towards the end of the shower session so all dirt is removed effectively while not drying out the ends too much.

5. Condition Carefully

Always condition just your ends—avoiding contact with roots—since this area is prone to becoming extra oily more quickly than other parts of your hair which might still need hydration from conditioning agents found in most formulas made for curly or coarse locks.

By following these easy tips, you should soon have shiny healthy-looking hair that won’t look overly greasy throughout the day.


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