Tips for Perfectly Smooth and Healthy Hair

Let Your Hair Cool Down

After straightening your hair, allow it to cool down before doing anything else with it. Heat from the styling toolsfore doing anything else with it. Heat from the styling tools can damage the hair shaft if left in contact with your locks too long. Allow the hair to cool before running your fingers through it or combing out any knots.http://Tips for Perfectly Smooth and Healthy Hair

Hydrate and Nourish Your Hair

Using a deep conditioning treatment after straightening your hair is key for maintaining smooth, healthy strands. Apply an ample amount of nourishing product throughout your lengths and ends, allowing it to sit on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. For additional protection and shine, consider using a leave-in conditioner on the hair’s ends after you’ve towel-dried it dry. How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

Protect Your Straightened Strands from Heat

The number one cause of damage to recently straightened locks is excessive heat styling! Use heat protectants when using hot tools and try to limit how often you are applying direct heat to your mane.

Maintain Your Styled Hair With Regular Trims

To keep split ends at bay, trim your hair every 4-6 weeks—especially if you use heat styling products often! Even just a light dusting of the ends can help to promote healthier strands in between trims!

Try Protective Styling Techniques

Braiding or wrapping sections of dampened tresses in silk scarves overnight can be a great way to lock in moisture while avoiding the need for excessive heat styling or handling of delicate tresses each day! This will help protect the integrity of already-straightened hair while also helping maintain moisture levels between shampoos or conditioning treatments!

Wrap Up Before Bedtime

It’s important not to let your freshly straightened tresses become knotted up at night which can cause further damage due to rubbing against sheets and pillows. Make sure you secure sections of locks into loose buns or braid them together before hitting the hay to avoid frizzies developing come morning time!

Stay Away from Heavy Styling Products

Avoid heavy gels and pomades which can make weighed down styles that can break easily—especially after being exposed to direct heat from straighteners! Opt for lighter alternatives such as mousses or volumizing sprays which are formulated specifically for providing natural lift without stickiness or weighing down manes prematurely!


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