Side Effects Of Hair Rebonding

Scalp irritation

Hair rebonding often involves the use of harsh chemicals that can irritate your scalp, leading to itching, burning and even swelling.

Damage to hair shaft:

Hair rebonding treatments involve the use of strong chemicals which can weaken the hair shaft and make it more susceptible to breakage and split ends.

Lack of moisture retention

As a result of the harsh chemicals used during a hair rebonding treatment, natural moisture from the hair is stripped away, making your hair more brittle and dry.


In extreme cases, repeated use of chemical-based products on the hair can cause breakage along the hairline or around areas that have been exposed to direct heat from flat irons or curling tools used for styling.

Long-term color fading

Hair color that has been applied prior to a rebonding treatment may begin to fade due to chemical interactions between the dye and bonding agents in some formulas.

Unwanted frizzing

Depending on the type of formula used, excess product may be left on the hair after a rebonding treatment which can lead to unwanted frizzing as your strands move against one another while drying or styling.

Health concerns

Many products used in hair rebonding contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and methylene glycol which are known carcinogens that could potentially lead to health complications when overused or inhaled during a long treatment session in a salon environment without proper ventilation systems in place.

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