Neem oil benefits for hair care

Neem oil is a naturally derived oil from the Indian Neem tree and is gaining popularity in the haircare industry due to its immense range of benefits for the hair and scalp.http://Neem oil benefits for hair care

Not only is it rich in nourishing fatty acids, proteins and minerals, it also boasts antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties which make it an ideal ingredient to combat a variety of scalp problems such as dryness, itchiness and dandruff.

In addition, its unique composition means that it can help soothe scalp inflammation and increase hair growth, making it a powerful choice when it comes to caring for your hair.

The first of Neem oil’s many hair benefits is its nourishing properties, which make it a great addition to any haircare routine. Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, which help strengthen the hair strands, and antioxidants like vitamin E and carotenoids, Neem oil provides essential moisture to the hair to promote softer, shinier locks.

In addition, it can help reduce frizz and split ends by creating a protective coating on the hair shaft which prevents further damage from taking place.

The presence of these components also help soothe irritation, combat infections and reduce scalp inflammation, while also strengthening the hair follicles and promoting new growth.

Applying a few drops of Neem oil to your scalp will provide deep hydration and help maintain a healthy pH balance.The antifungal and antibacterial properties of Neem oil can also help keep lice at bay.

Applying a few drops of Neem oil to your scalp, either as a mask or through an oil-based treatment, can act as a natural and powerful deterrent to head lice.

All in all, Neem oil offers an array of benefits which make it a great choice for promoting healthier hair.


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