Works on the working of pancreas and absorption plots. Thusly assists with controlling blood with sugaring levels. Organs like liver, pancreas, and compound conveying organs will work truly by rehearsing this asana.


1.Lie on your stomach with your feet yanaana width secluded and your arms by the side of your body.

2 .Flaw your knees and hold your lower legs.

3 .Taking in, lift your chest off the ground and test your psychological dependability up and back.

4 .Gaze directly ahead cheerfully. Bend your lips to match the bend of your body.

5 .Keep the position stable while focusing in on your breath. Your body is at this point close as a bow.

6.Continue to recognize long full breaths as you loosen up here. Anyway, don’t get out of hand. Really try not to exaggerate the stretch.

7 .Following 15 – 20 seconds, as you breathe in out, cautiously return your legs and chest to the ground.8 .Delivery the lower legs and relax.

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