Vrikshasana yoga


Animates the hormonal release of the pancreas.

1.Stand straight and keep your feet almost each other. Your knees, legs and hand should be held straight.

2. As of now bring your right foot and hold it to your left side thigh. Endeavor to make a right point. If you can’t keep your foot on the thigh, endeavor to keep your foot on the left leg any spot you feel quite a bit better and stay aware of equilibrium. However, review your right toe should point downwards. Your body balance should depend upon the left leg.

3. Join your palms and convey them to the focal point of your chest and keep the figure pointing upwards. Progressively move your hands above. Raise your arms over your head. Your arms should be imperceptibly wound.

4. Stand straight, search in front and endeavor to be free.

5. Stay here for close to 10 seconds. Breathe in usually.

6 . Bit by bit procure your hands, the middle piece of the chest comparable to beforehand, convey your right leg to the ground and return to the starting position.

7. Repeat a comparable strategy with the other leg.

8. Endeavor to repeat the whole methodology a couple of times.

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