Solution for Dandruff

Pityriasis is a common condition that affects the scalp. The top layer of the scalp continuously sheds scales, just like skin does, and new skin grows in its place. if the condition of the dandruff is prolonged.

A bald head is the result. Common items like combs, brushes, towels, soaps, and other items are thought to be a source of transmission because it is typically considered contagious and infectious.

Hair scalp is in a sluggish state. Other reasons of hair dandruff include poor blood circulation, poor cleanliness, and a bad diet.Dry and waxy varieties of dandruff are both considered to be dandruff.

Small white scales that are typically adhering to the scalp or loosely dispersed in the hair are the defining feature of dry dandruff, which is characterized by an itchy scalp.

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